Bruges-la-Morte, Belgique - Ses monuments, No. 1

Title: Bruges-la-Morte, Belgique - Ses monuments, No. 1
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Bruges-la-Morte, Belgium - Its monuments No. 1
Bruges, one of the largest northern towns of the 14th century, has kept its appearance since the Middle Ages. Images of the Marechal Gate and the Gate of Sainte-Croix. These ancient gates bear witness to the fortifications of Bruges during medieval times. The Cathedral of Saint-Sauveur was originally a chapel built by Saint-Eloy in 646. It was rebuilt in the 12th and 14th centuries. The Saint-Sang Chapel was built in 1148 and rebuilt in 1532. The town hall is a wonderful example of 14th century architecture. The Palais de Justice was built in 1722. There are still merchants who use chariots pulled by dogs to transport goods. Once a commercial center of the West during the 13th to 15th centuries, it has now been replaced by Anvers.
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Bruges-la-Morte, Belgium
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