Documentaires Colonies. Visions d'Orient. Jérusalem

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Visions d'Orient. Jérusalem
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documentaries. Visions of the East. Jerusalem.
Visions of the East: Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, there is a terrace that gives the impression of a vast necropolis. The surrounding walls of Jerusalem seem similar to the walls that once defended the entrance to cities during the period of the crusades. The gate of Damas, one of seven gates in Jerusalem, is a noteworthy monument. A few old roads. Atop Mount Moria, leveled for David, stands the mosque of Omar, built on the site of the temple of Jerusalem. Close to the East gate of the mosque stands an elegant updated pavalion supported on the outside by eleven marble columns and on the inside by six. The mosque is surrounded by numerous chapels and oratories. The chair of Saladin can also be seen there. Atop Mount Acra stands the church of Saint-Sepulchre. Over the ruins of the temple of Salomon in front of a walled off section, each Friday, the jews come to lament and pray. The pool of Ezechias is a large watershed that is fed by the rain water that flows down the neighboring houses. A young boukhare, inhabitant of Jerusalem. Armenians. Ruins and Mausoleums. The Via Delarosa is a series of narrow streets that connect the gate of St. Etienne to the Church of Saint-Sepulchre. A few corners in the Muslim district. Bethlehem, a small city a few kilometers from Jerusalem, famous for the stories attached to it, mainly the birth of Jesus Christ. A road in Bethlehem, on a day of procession
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries