Blanchette 9ème Partie

Title: Blanchette 9ème Partie
Translated Title: 
Blanchette (9th Part)
A request from an industrial company seeking a secretary held Blanchette's attention. -- Do you know how to use a typewriter? -- It's unfortunate, Miss, but you can't have this job. -- No, Mother Rousset, nothing for you. Despite her education, Blanchette, whose money was running out, had to accept a position as a full-service maid for an elderly, shrewish, lady. Overwhelmed by work, mistreated and poorly nourished, Blanchette, for a small mistake, was dismissed by the elderly lady. At the Rousset's, the days that passed were sad; without admitting it, everyone thought about her absence. -- What's wrong my dear, why aren't you eating? -- I'm just not hungry. See what happens next in No. 10.