Blanchette 7ème Partie

Title: Blanchette 7ème Partie

As he said he would, Rousset re-arranged the lamp. -- You did this on purpose? -- Yes, I did this on purpose to punish you for your foolishness. -- Ah! You did it on purpose! -- I have submitted to your vexing, I will not submit to your brutality; I'm leaving. -- If you cross the threshold of the doorway, you are never returning here alive. -- No, look here maman, I grieve to leave you but you can't protect me and you don't know how to love me: my decision is already made. -- Don't forget your certificate, if you plan on making your fortune!... -- Mr. Galoux suggested that I serve as Lucie's tutor...I'm going! See what happens next in No. 8.

Translated Title: 
Blanchette (7th Part)