Blanchette 6ème Partie

Title: Blanchette 6ème Partie
Translated Title: 
Blanchette (6th Part)
Rousset now doubted Blanchette's superiority and regretted the sacrifices he made for her instruction. "French Republic: Office of the Prefect. My dear friend, I have been working on finding your protegee a place, unfortunately there are 2,000 candidates ahead of her. I have, however, been able to get her place number 514. Sincerely, G. Buillion" -- With the "inventions" in your books you made me lose my wheat, you have sent away my customers and will again made me feed you even as you do nothing. -- What is that? -- It's a gift from Blanchette for the party. -- The lamp is lighting the ceiling, which is difficult to understand; I'll change it tomorrow. See what happens next in No. 7.