Blanchette 4ème Partie

Title: Blanchette 4ème Partie
Translated Title: 
Blanchette (4th Part)
Blanchette had confused the amount of fertilizer to spread on the fields, Father Rousset's wheat was irremediably lost. Deputy Galoux and his daughter came to bring Blanchette the response of the Sub-Prefect. -- Take off your apron, maman, be a bit more presentable. -- And your wheat, Father Rousset, it was said that Blanchette's fertilizer would give you double cobs. "French Republic: Office of the Prefect. My dear friend, I have been working on finding your protegee a place, unfortunately there are 2,000 candidates ahead of her. I have, however, been able to get her place number 514. Sincerely, G. Buillion" -- Lucie is again trying to pass her exams; in waiting for your appointment, would you like to come to our home to be her tutor? -- Why, Father Bonenfant, have you stopped giving us your business? -- Your daughter refused to serve me. See what happens next in No. 5.