Blanchette 1ère Partie

Title: Blanchette 1ère Partie
Translated Title: 
Blanchette (1st Part)
A comedy in 12 parts, based on the famous play of Monsieur Brieux of l'Académie Française. Mr. Maurice de Féraudy of the Comédie Française in the role of Rousset. Madame Thérèse Kolb of the Comédie Française in the role of Madame Rousset...and Mr. Mathot in the role of Auguste Morillon. The coquette Elise Rousset, who everyone in the village calls Blanchette, has just received her teaching diploma. (Elise Rousset...Miss Pauline Johnson) It was the daughter of these humble comedians, the Roussets, who wanted to make herself a lady. Proud of her daughter's success, Rousset placed her diploma in a place of honor, somewhere his clients could see it. -- I am going to the castle to see my friend Lucie Galoux. A childhood friend of Blanchette, Auguste Morillon and his father. -- Miss Galoux, is she in the castle? -- I've received two lovely dresses from Paris, you will see. -- Father Rousset, Auguste would like to marry Blanchette. -- Marry Blanchette, no...don't you know that she's a scholar? "French Republic: Certificate of Competence for Teaching Primary Education...Elise Rousset" -- It had cost me dearly,...but it'll be worth it when she becomes a teacher. See what happens next in No. 2.