Développement de la tige et floraison

Title: Développement de la tige et floraison
Translated Title: 
Growth of the stem and flowering
The views in this movie have been taken at regular intervals (of many minutes) They are projected at the normal speed (16 images per second). The slow motion of the vegetal world becomes then perceptible. 1. Growth of the stem. The young stem of wheat seems to come out of the ground. At the same time in which, the root grows, the stem develops. The young stem rises in the air and turns towards the light (phototropism). It carries burgeons that will later give leaves. Some stems, too fragile to self-sustain, roll themselves around a support (twinning stems). (note the stem in the middle of the view). The leaves take from the air the carbon dioxide that provides the carbon necessary to the constitution of a vegetal. 2. Flowering. The flowers flourish when the plan has acquired its normal development. Flowering of the lily. The petals of the corolla widen and uncover the stamens and the pistil. Flowering of the cherry tree. Here is all the flourished bouquet. The End.