L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII): Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette No.1

Title: L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII): Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette No.1
Translated Title: 
The child-King (Louis XVII): Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette No.1
October 5th 1789. The revolutionary spirit advanced. During that time, Louis XVI pursued his favorite occupations, that had him nicknamed the locksmith King. The Queen, surrounded by her friends... In Paris a storm was taking place. The locksmith Gamin (Mr. Alberty). His Majesty, the Count of Provence, brother of the King (Mr. Argentin). Madam, I receive from Paris alarming news! The people are reassembling and threatening Your Majesties. It is not me but the King who must be warned. My brother is so busy and he always asks you about the matters of the realm. I will warn him. Bread! Bread! To Versailles, let's free ourselves from tyrants! My brother, repeat to the King what you just told me. The situation is dangerous... it is a real revolution. if you don't act firmly this might be it for the Monarchy. The granaries of Versailles are full of wheat, Paris is starving and the infamous Austrian woman says while laughing: "If they don't have bread, why don't they eat brioche!". Don't insult the Queen. Killing a defenseless man is dishonoring freedom! Let's take to Paris the baker, his wife and the baker boy! Turgy, quickly go prepare the horses! The following episode in number 2.
Series Title: 
L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII)
Translated Series Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII)
Series Subtitle: 
Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette
Translated Series Subtitle: 
Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette