Fleur de Sable, No. 8

Title: Fleur de Sable, No. 8
Translated Title: 
Flower of the Sand No. 8
The post of Ahamar was put into a state of defense. The Rumi spy is in his house, Yasmina is with him! - Why are you here? - I came to warn the foreigner. - The man that you swore to crucify is in the other room. Which life do you choose? … his or mine? - Let him live and, by Allah, I will belong to you until my death! - Ramlika, the defenders of Ahamar must have received reinforcements for their ammunition has increased! - Your life and the life of the white woman are spared. Go away! -Remember that life has been given back to you like a worthless thing, from an indigenous dancer. UNTIL MY DEATH! Epilogue. -The doctor said that you can live, if you allow him to take care of you. - You will forget me for the woman of your choice. - You are that woman, Yasmina, and you must live for me who loves you! The End.
Series Title: 
Fleur des Sables
Translated Series Title: 
Flower of the Sand