Fleur de Sable, No. 7

Title: Fleur de Sable, No. 7
Translated Title: 
Flower of the Sand No. 7
In Nessim-Allah's house. The attack will take place on this night to prevent the preparations of the enemy. The blood of the Rumis will flow like water from a fountain. The French spy will be skinned alive, he'll ask for death but we will not kill him! - Death to the Rumis! Die! Die! Forward. The French resident faked throwing a ball to diminish the suspicion of the natives and to gather the Whites all under one roof. - I expect the reinforcements to arrive around midnight. I don't expect that we'll be attacked at any hour before then. The resident's sister? She just left in her car. Ramlika's cavaliers rushed to the attack on Ahamar. - Wretch! Why are you here? - What madness to come here? - …. I knew you would meet here. - I beg you, Yasmina, leave. - I will fight to the death! His life belongs to Ramlika who will hold you accountable if you kill him! See the end on Number 8.
Series Title: 
Fleur des Sables
Translated Series Title: 
Flower of the Sand