Ali-Baba, No. 3

Title: Ali-Baba, No. 3
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Ali-Baba No. 3
Ali-Baba marveled at the the piled treasures. He filled as many bags that his donkeys could carry without faltering. - Open Sesame! Kassim married a grouchy hag who made him rich. Ali-Baba, to count the gold, went to him to borrow a scale. Kassim's wife went to look for the scale. To figure out what kind of grain Ali-Baba had, she smeared honey on the bottom of the container. For a long time, Ali-Baba filled the scale with gold, and then emptied it. The impatient old woman was fixed on knowing about the results of the ploy. - I've received my grain. Give me the scale. The curiosity of the intrigued woman would be satisfied soon. See more on Number 4.
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