Charlot d'Artagnan moderne

Title: Charlot d'Artagnan moderne
Translated Title: 
Charlot, the Modern D'Artagnan
Charlot, the Modern Artagnan. Miss Mabel is married to Pommadin, a devilish man who did not invent gun powder. Charlot was renowed as a bold man. Referred to as the "Cognonez," the terror of the country, he only dreams of bumps and bruises. - What do you think of this feat, Miss Jolie? - How can I ever thank you? I will be your Douglas Fairbanks … will you be my Mary Pickford? Here is my savior … thanks to him I'm still alive. - Everything is broken, Sir Cowardly … here are the heros to whom I open my heart. Moral of the Story: Knock and it shall be opened. The End.