Boireau, maçon. n.2

Title: Boireau, maçon. n.2
Translated Title: 
Boireau, the Mason. No. 2.
No. 2, Andre Deed in Boireau, Mason. 2nd and Final Part. Seeing his master completely plastered, the distraught servant looked for help. If your heart loved my heart, like my heart loves your heart, our two hearts, my little heart, would only be one single heart. - Ah! That's it, sacred rouseabout, here's a wallflower with five leaves that you haven't stolen! - You mock me … dirty coalman, I'm going to show you what a rouseabout is! … - I'm going to strangle you bastard of Galapia. - Hey, that's my worker! Why have you changed your clothes, you rascal? - It's not my fault boss, the coal merchant has rubbed off on me. Good God! What a mess in my dining room! - What's my husband going to say when he returns. The moral: It is up against the wall that we see a mason …but it's his work that crowns him.
Series Title: 
Boireau, maçon
Translated Series Title: 
Boireau, the Mason