Boireau, maçon. n.1

Title: Boireau, maçon. n.1
Translated Title: 
Boireau, the Mason. No. 1
No. 1, Andre Deed in Boreau, the Mason. A comedy in two parts. The servant Francoise, having a tile in the kitchen to repair, went to look for Boireau, the intelligent mason next door. - I'm going to repair this for you so artistically, so beautifully, you'll tell me that it's new … Don't change this kitchen from what it already is! You are here to fix the tile, not the stove! ... Look here, you slut! My word, no one would say that this dries out! - Since it's like this, I'm going to make my coffee in the dining room. - Ah! Hello, Ms. Francoise … it's me Larfaillou, the darling of the young ladies. - This morning, you look good enough to eat, bite by bite. And the handsome Larfaillou, happy with such a nice reception, was content. - Here! This is for you! ... Unblock the little hole, to lay down fresh plaster. It's going well … everything is finished. Meanwhile, Larfaillou was thoroughly stuck in his coal. See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Boireau, maçon
Translated Series Title: 
Boireau, the Mason