Christus (La vie du Christ) 2eme chapitre la vie publique

Title: Christus (La vie du Christ) 2eme chapitre la vie publique
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Christ (The Life of Christ) Chapter 2 The Public Life.
Passover being close, Jesus brought Himself to the temple of Jerusalem. Merchants, moneychangers, had developed the habit of setting themselves up in the square of the gentiles. Jesus chased them from the temple: "Do not make of my Father's house a house of commerce. It is a house of prayer." When Jesus finished giving His teachings to the people, He entered Capernaum and a large crowd followed Him. While Jesus was resting at the home of Simon the Pharisee, a woman from the village came, a sinner, Magdaleine. She began to bathe the feet of the Lord with her tears, to dry them with her hair, to kiss them. And Jesus said to her: your sins have been forgiven. Your faith has saved you. Go in peace. To be continued in Part 3.
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