Djibouti Afrique Orientale Française

Title: Djibouti Afrique Orientale Française
Translated Title: 
Djibouti Eastern French Africa
Djibouti, administrative seat of French Somaliland, is situated at the point of intersection of the great maritime routes of the Indian Ocean of the Far East and of Oceania. Under the hot sun, the city spreads itself out, new and white. The marketplace. The European district. The gardens of the governor's palace. Native beauties. Fishing in a natural harbour of Djibouti. The native district. The platform for departures. Djibouti has only one fountain where, just like in biblical times, the women come to draw water. The great market. Djibouti is abundantly supplied with fruits and vegetables by the railroad which connects it to Addis-Abeba. A butchery. A vendor of camel milk. A group of Somali children. The funeral of a native. Saltworks and a salt mill. Because of its port, because of the Dire-Daoua railroad, which constitutes the principle point of access to the abyssal state, Djibouti promises an important commercial future.