Documentaires colonies. In Salah

Title: Documentaires colonies. In Salah
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documentaries. In Salah.
In Salah Number 2. In Salah is so threatened by sand dunes, and even artificial hedges, made of palm leaves, have limited success in fixing the problem. Frequent sandstorms leave the atmosphere opaque, a surprising color. Certain areas are buried little by little. Further away, the dune yields to an oasis that greatly contrasts the desert that surrounds it. In the shade of the palm trees, a few cultures prosper. Native washers. In Salah is the headquarters of Mehariste Tidikelt, consisting mostly of people of the native Chambaa tribe. The report. By Faction. The true component of the Mehariste is the immense desert for which he provides police and security.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Colonies
Translated Series Title: 
Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries