Documentaires colonies. L'Oasis de Nefta

Title: Documentaires colonies. L'Oasis de Nefta
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documetaries. The Oasis of Nefta.
The oasis of Nefta. Located in south Tunisia, the oasis of Nefta charms the eyes with its lush green shade. Its extensive and fresh rivers that traverse it allowed people to start an actual village there. Mounted on his "donkey," this young Arab comes to sell the produce of his garden. At the hour when the Sun is the least hot, the natives go to wash their clothes in the river. Others draw the precious water for household care. At sunset, Nefta seems to be an island of greenery in the immense desert.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Colonies
Translated Series Title: 
Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries