Documentaires Colonies. La ville de Djenné (Afrique Occie Françse)

Title: Documentaires Colonies. La ville de Djenné (Afrique Occie Françse)
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Colonial Documentaries. The City of Djenné (Western French Africa).
The city of Djenné. French Sudan. Composition and cinematography by Mr. J. Lejards. Djenné, where all the houses have the appearance of a clay palace, is a marvelous piece of Sudanese architecture. The residence of the French administrator. The large mosque of Djenné. It was constructed entirely by the natives, under the plans of the adminstrator of Djenné: Mr. Bleu. From the terrace to the mosque, one can discover all of the city and its huge bushes. The roads of Djenné are narrow and lined with houses of monumental fronts. An interesting front of a native house. A house whose door resembles a monumental fireplace. Djenné, a rich city, is almost always celebrating. The tam-tams resound every night. The "jazz-band" of Bambaras. And dancing continues well into the night.
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries