Documentaires colonies. Les Ruines de Dougga

Title: Documentaires colonies. Les Ruines de Dougga
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Colonial Documentaries. The Ruins of Dougga.
The Ruins of Dougga (Tunisia). Now scattered in an olive wood, they attest to the wealth of the lost city. The theater whose frontage was formed with a beautiful porch was constructed at the expense of a generous citizen. The source built by the Romans is now frequented by the miserable Arab population. The Capitol, a temple with very beautiful style, was constructed under Marcus Aurelius in 166 A.D. Temple dedicated to Jupiter, Minerva, and Juno. The well conserved porch is preceded by a forecourt of 13.5 meters in height. It's a magnificent type of Roman architecture in Africa. Some capitals are scattered on the ground. The olive wood that invaded the ruins is full of funeral headstones. The Temple of Celestis built during the time of Alexander Severus in the year of 222 Common Era. In the middle of the olive trees rises a mausoleum of Carthaginian style, 17 meters in height, built in the fifth century before Christ. This Roman city was one of the more important cities in North Africa during the 11th century of the Common Era.
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries