Christus (3e chapitre) No. 7

Title: Christus (3e chapitre) No. 7
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Christ (3rd Chapter) No. 7
Christus: the Life of Christ. 3rd Chapter: The Passion. And Jesus, tied up, was taken before the procurator, Pontius Pilate. Are you really the King of Jews? My kingdom is not of this world. Pilate's wife came and said: Don't do anything to this innocent man. Then the priest and the elders brought up many accusations against Jesus to which he did not respond. On the day of Passover, custom required the procurator to free one of the prisoners to the people, the one that they wanted. Pilate had sent for a prisoner, Barrabas, a thief and murderer, hoping that the people would choose to free Jesus. Which one would you like to free, Barrabas or Jesus? Barrabas! What do you want me to do with Jesus? Crucify him. See more on Number 8.
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