Christus (2e chapitre), No. 3

Title: Christus (2e chapitre), No. 3
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Christ (2nd Chapter), No. 3
Christus (the life of Christ). 2nd chapter Public Life:, No. 3. The disciples were fishing on the sea of Galilee. Jesus came to them walking on water. The Transfiguration. One day when Jesus was teaching the people, the scribes and the pharisees brought him a woman. - Master, this woman had just been caught in adultery, and in this case Moses would require stoning. - May he among you who is without sin throw the first stone. Children ran before Christ, and the disciples wanted to send them away…. …Jesus said: let the little Children come to me, since the Kingdom of Heaven is for their likes. At the prayer of Mary Magdalene and Martha Jesus came to the tomb of their brother Lazarus, dead for four days…. …and cried with great force: Lazarus, come outside! See the end in No. 4
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