Christus (2e chapitre), No. 2

Title: Christus (2e chapitre), No. 2
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Christ (2nd Chapter), No. 2
Christus (the life of Christ). 2nd chapter Public Life:, No. 2. Passover being close, Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem. Money changers took to setting shop in the court of the gentiles. - Jesus chased them out of the temple: - do not make out of the house of my Father a house of commerce, it a house of prayer. When Jesus, having finished his teaching to the people, returned to Capernaum, where numerous crowds admired him. Once Jesus reposed at the home of Simon the Pharisee, a woman of the village, a sinner, Magdalene…. …started to wash the feet of the Lord with tears, dry them with her hair and to kiss them. And Jesus told her: your sins are remitted, your faith has saved you. Go in peace. Watch more in No. 3
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