Christus (2e chapitre), No. 1

Title: Christus (2e chapitre), No. 1
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Christ (2nd Chapter), No. 1
Christus (the life of Christ). 2nd chapter Public Life:, No. 1. When his public life started, Jesus was about 30, and went from Nazareth to the River Jordan to be baptized…. By John, the precursor. Then he retied into the desert where he was tempted by the devil. - I shall give you power and glory if you prostrate and adore me. - Go back Satan! For it is written that you should only adore the Lord your God and serve him only. Jesus traveled in the Galilee and announced the Gospel to everyone. His renown spread all over Palestine. All those who were sick or infirm were presented to him. - Lord, if you want to, you could heal me. Extending his hand, he said, I want to, and she was healed instantly. Watch more in No. 2
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