Christus (1er chapitre), No. 1

Title: Christus (1er chapitre), No. 1
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Christ (1st Chapter), No. 1
Christus (the life of Christ). 1st chapter Birth and First Years:, No. 1. In Nazareth, in the Galilee, lived a young woman, Mary, of the tribe of Judah and of the royal race…. …and her husband, Joseph, he too was from the tribe of Judah and the family of David. Their life went by softly: Joseph was a carpenter and Mary occupied herself with her household duties. An Angel appeared to Mary and told her: - I salute you, full of grace, the Lord is with you, you are blessed among women! - You are going to conceive in you and give birth to a child I shall name Jesus. And mary responded: I am the servant of the Lord, let him to do me as you said. "Ecce Ancilla Domini" by Fra Angelico. The year of Rome 756, 8 AD, the Roman emperor Augustus…. …commanded the census of all the lands under the imperial government, that is to say, of the whole world. Everyone had to go to the city where they came from to make their declaration. Mary Joseph parted then for Bethlehem, in Judea. In the evening they arrived in the little city of David, but there was so much traffic that they could find no shelter. …and Mary, exhausted, had to stop close to a shelter serving shepherds and their herds. It's there where the son of God was to be born. Watch more in No. 2
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