Documentaires animaux. Le moustique

Title: Documentaires animaux. Le moustique
Translated Title: 
Animal documentaries. The Mousquito.
Pathe baby Scholastic - the Mosquito. Here is a mosquito vewied from below: how many feet, articualtions in each does it have? Here it more closely: how many parts does its body have, how many wings, where do the legs attach to the body, note the hairy antennas (male) and long pieces of the mouth. A female mosquito, how is she different from the male? The mosquito feeds on blood which it ingests; it is ready to sting. The styluses with which it pierces the skin are protected by a sheath; the mosquito bites - what do you note? The metamorphosis of a mosquito: the female lays eggs, a raft on the stagnant water. A larva leaves each egg. Empty eggs; the operculum let the larva pass. The larvae are aquatic, look how they swim, they go up to the surface to breath. They breath by means of a tube (trachea), situated on the penultimate ring of the abdomen, they hold the head low. The larva transforms: its thorax inflates with air, it breathes through two tubes, and floats to the surface of the water, it’s chrysalis. Observe Chrysalis, at center, the transparent skin lets us see the insect that forms. Birth a mosquito, escaping from the eneveloppe of the chrysalis. Gradually it stands erect. Here, almost set free. It came out, a complete insect (dipterous stinger). We destroy mosquito larvae easily by pouring gas on the water they live on. No longer able to breathe they die of asphyxiation. END
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Documentaires Animaux
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Animal Documentaries
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Animal Documentaries