Documentaires animaux. Les oiseaux coureurs

Title: Documentaires animaux. Les oiseaux coureurs
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Animal documentaries. Flightless Birds.
Pathe baby scholastic: Flightless Birds. Birds whose rudimentary wings are insufficient to fly, but the claws are developped and disposed to run; type: the OSTRICH (height 2.50 m). The ostrich lives in numerous herds in Africa. We raise them in captivity for their feathers wchich attain great value. Endowed with great appetite they nourish themselves on a diet of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The neck is very long: note the passage of the apple in the oesephagus. The females lay eggs whose volume corresponds to that of 24 chicken eggs. The eggs are collected and confided to incubators; the incubation lasts 50 days. Certain individual birds are tamed to the point of being used as beasts of burden. The feathers of the tail and the wings, collected with care, are the objects of important commerce. Other species: the RHEA (smaller than the ostrich) lives in America. The CASOAR (170cm tall) lives in Australia. The EMU (height 170cm) also lives in Australia. END
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Documentaires Animaux
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Animal Documentaries
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Animal Documentaries