Documentaires animaux. Les ruminants (Familles)

Title: Documentaires animaux. Les ruminants (Familles)
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Animal Documentaries. Ruminatia (Family).
Ruminatia, principle families. The cavicorns: carry hollow and permanent horns fixed on an extension of the frontal bone. Ox. Ox: Charloise race, weight 1210 kg serves as a work animal and provides esteemed flesh. Cow: race Parthenaise weight 330 kg serves for work and for the production of milk and meat. Normand cow, produces a lot of milk (20 litres per day). Zebu, smaller than the ox, domesticated in India and in Africa. Buffalo, fierce looks, swims easily, domesticated in Italy. Bison: larger than the ox lives in the wild in North America. Yack: lives in Asia on tall icy plateaus of Tibet, domesticated by the Tartars and the Chinese. Sheep, Ewe and Lamb. Herds of transhumant sheep leave the plains of the south in the spring and pass the summer in tall valleys and go back down in the fall. Goat and kid. Chamois, larger than the goat, lives on the rocky tops of mountains; called Isard in the Pyrenees. Gazelle, the size of a Chamois, lives in numerous herds in North Africa. Jumping Antelope, smaller than the Deer. Nylgau Antelope, the size of a large Deer, lives in India. Antelope Cervicarpa the size of a Gazelle, horn with triple curvature. Gnu, the size of a pony, lives in the mountains of the Cape. The Cervides, have full horns (wood) that periodically fall off, and every year is marked by a new ramification. Common Deer, lives in the forests of Europe. Deer, Does and Fawns. Fallow Deer, smaller than the deer, only the males have horns. Reindeer lives in the cold regions of northern Europe, domesticated by the Laplanders, it eats buds and moss. A herd of Reindeer crossign a fjord, 400 to 500 beasts. The Girafides have small full horns covered by skin. Giraffe, 4 meters tall, lives in Africa. The Camelides do not posses horns, but do have canines. Camel, with two humps, serves in Asia to transport commodities. Dromedary, only has one hump lives in Africa and Western Asia. Serves as a drudge for transport, known as the ship of the desert, it carries 150-200 kg. Mehari, a saddle camel can run up to 10 km per hour, sustained for 8 hours; can go on without water for a week. End
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Documentaires Animaux
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Animal Documentaries
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Animal Documentaries