Documentaires Animaux. La Voix du Rossignol.

Title: Documentaires Animaux. La Voix du Rossignol.
Translated Title: 
Animal Documentaries. The Voice of the Nightingale.
The Voice of the Nightingale, No. 2 (continuation). The nightingale, they say, is a fairy-bird, that carries little children to the Land of Dreams on its wings. In a pretty Spring evening the nightingale meets she who is to become his lifelong companion. They exchange vows. Honeymoon. A love song, a nest in the trees, a flower on the way, such is the life of nightingales, so long as they don't fall into a cunning trap. See the rest in no. 3.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Animaux
Translated Series Title: 
Animal Documentaries
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Animal Documentaries