Documentaires Animaux. La Voix du Rossignol.

Title: Documentaires Animaux. La Voix du Rossignol.
Translated Title: 
Animal Documentaries. The Voice of the Nightingale.
The Voice of the Nightingale, No. 1. A fairy tale in 4 parts adapted for the screen by M. Starevitch. Once upon a time there was a little bird ... And a little girl. Without worrying about predators, the bird dedicated its melodic song to the branches. Oh little one, how could it have guessed that the innocent toy was hiding a trap? You broke my doll! . . . You know who's going to be my toy! The caged bird was singing with regret for its life as a little troubadour. Night. The bird cast a spell over the child's dream. See the rest in no. 2.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Animaux
Translated Series Title: 
Animal Documentaries
Series Subtitle: 
Animal Documentaries