Documentaires Animaux. La Course à la Cocarde.

Title: Documentaires Animaux. La Course à la Cocarde.
Translated Title: 
Animal Documentaries. The Race for the Roundel.
"Guardians" are searching bulls in the pastures. Having encircled a few of them they are chased until they reach the race track. The bulls carry on the middle of their foreheads a cockade which has to be lifted while evading the horns. The spectators follow the movements of the race, where parents and friends are often exposed. Nothing stops the ardor of the young bulls. Unfortunately, one of the champions falls down and can't save himself in time. Some devoted friends try to turn away the bull's wrath against them. Thanks to his skill one "guardian"succeeded in pulling away the cockade. END.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Animaux
Translated Series Title: 
Animal Documentaries
Series Subtitle: 
Animal Documentaries