Documentaires Animaux. Les Méduses - Vulgarisation.

Title: Documentaires Animaux. Les Méduses - Vulgarisation.
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Animal Documentaries. Medusas - Popularization.
The Jellyfish, their stinging properties give them the name of sea nettles; Rhyzostome. Contractions of the disk of the medusa. Brown Jellyfish. The pelagic jellyfish have a hemispherical umbrella that is generally lobed, and that also carries numerous filaments. The Centophores eat by flapping thin membraneous plates that are split into combs. The Beroids, the body of this species is ovate and lacks tactile filaments. The Cestus of Venus, very elegant, is rendered even more beautiful by its quick and delicate movement. Jellyfish live in all seas and swim freely with the aid of their umbrellas. END.
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Documentaires Animaux
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Animal Documentaries
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Animal Documentaries