600.000 Francs par Mois. Chapter 2. (No. 10)

Title: 600.000 Francs par Mois. Chapter 2. (No. 10)
Translated Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month. Chapter 2. (No. 10)
600,000 Francs per Month, Chapter 2, A Convict of the Dollar!, No. 10. Galupin, who suddenly remembers all the travel stories he has read, believes he landed on a deserted island. He gave it the name of his dear wife ... recall, hardy sailors, that the hand of man has never set foot on this island! There are a few people here for a desert island . . . it is truly changing! Oh shucks! In Paris, in a deserted neighborhood, there are no police . . . but here on this desert island there are so many of them! See the rest in no. 11.
Series Title: 
600.000 Francs par Mois.
Translated Series Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month
Series Subtitle: 
600,000 Francs per Month