600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 2. (No. 2)

Title: 600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 2. (No. 2)
Translated Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month. Chapter 2. (No. 2)
600,000 Francs per month, Chapter 2, A Convict of the Dollar!, No. 2. The Galupin family takes its place in the Ligoto-Grill-Room! Mama! Mama! Look at the bloater that I fished out of the pool! A tip that earns the regards of a maitre d'! Thank you, Your Excellence! The waltz of tips! Without knowing it, this gallant Galupin conducts himself like a gentleman who is enjoying himself, a great success as well! See the rest in no. 3.
Series Title: 
600,000 Francs par Mois
Translated Series Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month
Series Subtitle: 
600,000 Francs per Month