600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 2. (No. 1)

Title: 600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 2. (No. 1)
Translated Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month. Chapter 2. (No. 1)
600,000 Francs per month, Chapter 2, A Convict of the Dollar!, No. 1. John Beckler continues to pursue this young woman whom he does not know, and who is no other than Anna Galupin. How a Parisian gets rid of a stalker. The former greaser of P.L.M. launches himself into society to win his wager ... In "first-class" society, as he says . . . We'll eat whatever is most expensive! . . . Serve us! Colchester follows Galupin like a shadow in the course of supervision. Don't worry, he's a foreign nobleman, very eccentric . . . See the rest in no. 2.
Series Title: 
600,000 Francs par Mois
Translated Series Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month
Series Subtitle: 
600,000 Francs per Month