600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 1. (No. 8)

Title: 600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 1. (No. 8)
Translated Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month. Chapter 1. (No. 8)
600,000 Francs per month, Chapter 1, the Wager, No. 8. Galupin and his family begin by dressing up as befits their new situation. Ah, Titine! You are radiant! Phlegmatic, Colchester follows his script to the letter. And the party begins ... Goodbye, you rich wife! At the first evening, Galupin examines the receipts Colchester returns to him. Daily amount: 20,000 francs; expenses 907 francs. Remaining to be spent, 19,093 francs. We have only spent nine hundred and seven bucks . . . and . . . remaining - - I'll never get there! See the rest in no. 9.
Series Title: 
600,000 Francs par Mois.
Translated Series Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month
Series Subtitle: 
600,000 Francs per Month