600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 1. (No. 4)

Title: 600,000 Francs par Mois. Chapitre 1. (No. 4)
Translated Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month. Chapter 1. (No. 4)
600,000 Francs per month, Chapter 1, the Wager, No. 4. Ernestine Galupin (Madeleine Guitty). Two samples of the descendants of Galupin. The last brood! Galupin, who accepted the wager from John Beckler, already touched the deposit, and it shows! Drunk! You've drunk the bread of your children! Titine, here's the bread of our children! Non! Did you find treasure in a car? And tomorrow, bourgeoise, I'll have, as they say, a million! He lost his mind! My husband is mad! Sit down Titine and listen to what I say! Some unusual things happened to me! ... Fancy that I met a dotty who gave me 600,000 bucks per month to spend . . . Just like I told you . . . See the rest in no. 5.
Series Title: 
600,000 Francs par Mois
Translated Series Title: 
600,000 Francs per Month
Series Subtitle: 
600,000 Francs per Month