Documentaires. Les Bords de la Rance (Bretagne).

Title: Documentaires. Les Bords de la Rance (Bretagne).
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Documentaries. The Banks of the Rance (Brittany).
In Brittany, the banks of the Rance, composition and cinematography by R. Alexandre. Here is Dinan, which was built on a picturesque site, an escarpment overlooking the left bank of the Rance. There is a picturesque view on the Square of the Franciscans, of old houses with wooded porches. The Rue de Jersual, fast and tortuous, with 16th century houses. From the port, the eye embraces the grand sight of the of imposing masses of the viaduct of Lanvallay. The banks of the Rance. The sinuous estuary resembles a fjord, cut so much by rocky escarpment, flourishing like a lake. And it marches into the ocean between Dinard and Saint Malo. The isles of Grand Be and Petit Be at St. Malo. On the rock of the Grand Be towards the open sea is the tomb of Chateaubriand, a simple slab without even a name on it. A sunset on the beach. Saint-Malo is the heart of this region, the true metropolis of all the stations of the Emerald coast. See, No. 493, Saint-Malo.
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