Documentaires Italie Espagne. Cargèse (Corse).

Title: Documentaires Italie Espagne. Cargèse (Corse).
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Documentaries Italy Spain. Cargèse (Corsica).
In Corsica, Cargèse, Composition and cinematography by R. Alexandre. In 1676 the Greeks of the Peloponense obtained from the Republic of Genoa the transfer of Cargèse. Cargèse is built on two hills, an ampitheatre on the beach. Facing each other on two mounds are the Latin church and the Greek Catholic church. Spring in Cargèse. Despite its Greek origins, Corsican language and customs predomiante in Cargèse today. Not far from Cargèse is the Gulf of Sagona. Young Corsican shepherdess. No land is more variegated than Corsica with the splendor of its shore, its deep forests, its rivers, and its mountains. The end.
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Documentaires Italie Espagne
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Documentaries Italy Spain
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Documentaries Italy Spain