Documentaires Italie Espagne. Corté.

Title: Documentaires Italie Espagne. Corté.
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Documentaries Italy Spain. Corté.
Corté (Corsica). Composition and Cinematography by M.R. Alexandre. This fortified city lies against a cliff and dominates the confluence of the Tavignano and the Restonica. Situated in a mountainous region, Corté offers very picturesque views. The citadel is on the summit of a cliff and seems to be suspended above an abyss. An old path leads to the citadel built in 1420 by the King of Aragon. The Gaffori family and its followers, arrested during the revolution, escaped from the side of the abyss. A Corsican woman on the banks of the Tavignano. Corsican women have the custom of carrying burdens on their heads. The course of the Restonica. Under the Genoese domination, the daughters of Corté did not marry in order to prevent giving birth to slaves. Corté is the acropolis, at the same time the center and heart, of Corsica, a heroic and proud city, loyal to its traditions. The end.
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Documentaires Italie Espagne
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Documentaries Italy Spain
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Documentaries Italy Spain