Documentaires Italie Espagne. Grenade (Espagne).

Title: Documentaires Italie Espagne. Grenade (Espagne).
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Documentaries Italy Spain. Granada (Spain).
In the center of the highly vegetated "vega," refreshed by the springs of the Sierra Nevada, the city sits along a torrent, the Darro. It's in the Albaycin Quarter that the gitanos or gypsies live, since the 16th century. The Gitanos have such a natural majesty that they seem conscient of the antiquity and purity of their race. The gitanos only marry among themselves. Life takes its charm from the pure and fresh water that flows and murmurs along its alleys. At the time of the Moors it was a place of pleasure and repose for the sultans. The Andalusians still carry a mantilla, the most delightful headdress that can frame a face of Spain. Granada lies on the slopes of three hills which are compared to the open quarters of a pomegranate. See, No. 659 - The Alhambra of Granada.
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Documentaires Italie Espagne
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Documentaries Italy Spain
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Documentaries Italy Spain