Documentaires Français. Biarritz.

Title: Documentaires Français. Biarritz.
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French Documentaries. Biarritz.
Biarritz: the Coast of Silver. The Great Beach during a time of swimming (behind are the Cape of Saint Martin and the palace hotel). The municipal casino behind the terrace is always very lively. Through the small square of Saint Eugenia, where the church with the same name stands, we head towards the Atalaye. The Atalaye, a promontory surrounded by rocks, the "Chinaougue" that creates a picturesque chaos. The rock of the Virgin. A corner of the beach of the old port. The Coast of the Basques. Above the crests of silver, a flight of birds bids the dying day a crystaline farewell. Biarritz, thanks to its beautiful location, has become the gathering place of cosmopolitan society.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries