Documentaires Italie Espagne. Fête religieuse à Sé.

Title: Documentaires Italie Espagne. Fête religieuse à Sé.
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Documentaries Italy Spain. The Religious Feasts of Seville.
In Spain there isn't a real holiday without a procession. The processions that take place in Seville during Holy Week are considered the most beautiful. The statues dedicated to religion are truly rich. Each parish of Seville is represented. On Good Friday these processions go all night. In May, people set up an altar to the Virgin on each patio and each evening young women dance in front of it. Very young girls already know the Andalusian steps. These dances in honor of the Virgin have no religious character. The religious feasts of Seville are popular celebrations that animate the ardent joy of the crowd.
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Documentaires Italie Espagne
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Documentaries Italy Spain
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