Documentaires Italie Espagne. Canses à Séville.

Title: Documentaires Italie Espagne. Canses à Séville.
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Documentaries Italy Spain. Dances in Seville.
During the Fair, it is customary for Sevillian families to gather. In the gardens of the Alcazar they dance the Seguidilla to the sound of castanets. "It is the body that dances, the waist that twists supple like an Indian poetess or a snake. The raptured and dead arms are flexible, soft like an undone sash. The feet barely leave the earth, except for the gap that makes a woman resemble a forced compass" - Theophile Gautier, Voyage in Spain. The Spanish dancers have a cavalier, galant, and bold aspect. They gaze with smiles of which the partners are always fond. Of all Spain, it is Andalusia that has best conserved its costumes and dances. The end.
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Documentaires Italie Espagne
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Documentaries Italy Spain
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