Documentaires. Les Iles Sanguinaires

Title: Documentaires. Les Iles Sanguinaires
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Documentaries. The Sanguinaires Islands.
Les Iles Sanguinaires, a Corsican archipelego at the entry of Ajaccio, based on "Letters from my Windmill" by Alphonse Daudet. "Imagine yourself a reddish island and of a coy aspect. The lighthouse of the Iles Sanguinaires and there on the coast, Corsica, at the mouth of the Gulf of Ajaccio. The lighthouse at one point, at another an ancient Genoese tower. More great rocks. The sun has already gone down faster and faster towards the water, carrying the horizon after it. But with winter and the heavy times, the wind blows, the wave rises, the Iles Sanguinaires are white with foam" - Alphonse Daudet. The end.
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