Documentaires Français. Bonifacio (Corse).

Title: Documentaires Français. Bonifacio (Corse).
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French Documentaries. Bonifacio (Corsica).
Bonifacio sits on a very narrow, almost island-like, ledge. It is said that Bonifacio was founded in 828 by Bonifacio, the Marquis of Tuscany. With its ancient walls that lend it grandeur, this city has an unforgetable physiognomy. The city is composed of many alleys that compose a sad, picturesque labyrinth. Old Corsican shepherd. The city is proudly situated on a rocky table, with vertical cliffs from all directions. Corsica is separated from Sardinia by the straight of Bonifacio. The grain of sand. The marin caves, formed by almost horizontal strata of white limestone. Because of the wild grandeur of its sites, Corsica deserves its nickname, the Island of Beauty. The end.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries