Documentaires Français. L'Indo-Chine à Marseille.

Title: Documentaires Français. L'Indo-Chine à Marseille.
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French Documentaries. Indo-China at the Colonial Exhibition of Marseille.
An entire Indo-Chinese city was, as if by a miracle, under the blue sky of Provence. Reconstruction of the Temple of Angkor Wat. Reproductions of bas-reliefs and statues decorate the temple. A pagoda in the park. The promenade of sacred elephants. The park. View of a street of Hanoi. The streets are lined with curious shops where Vietnamese artisans work. Promenade of warriors in honor of the genie of the pagoda. Dance of the unicorn. Curious Vietnamese lanterns. Cambodians praying. Indochina, added to the Empire by the Treaty of 1896, is one of the most beautiful French colonies.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries