Documentaires français. La Romanche

Title: Documentaires français. La Romanche
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French Documentaries. The Romanche.
The Romanche (tributary of the Drac) is a stream formed by the glaciers of Pelvoux. La Grave, a small village in the form of an amphitheatre lies on an arid site opposite the Meije glacier. The glacier de l'Homme. We can admire Meije and the glacier of Tabouchet all along the route of Lauteret. The Grave and the Meije, seen from the route to the plateau of Paris. A stream of the galcierof Tabouchet. The village of Freaux (altitude 1386 meters). The waterfall of Rif-Tord, which goes 200 meters. Between Mizoen and Freney. Numerous factories lie on the course of the Romanche, producing hydroelectric power from it. This stromy stream, full even in the water, supplies factories with a flow of 35 meters cube epr second, providing 20,000 horse power. THE VENEON left tributary of the Romanche; Les Teages, a small hamlet at altitude 1,595 meters. Plane of the Lake (ancient basin of a lake). Seuil de Champflorent. In the gorge. The lower course of the Veneon. The valley of the Veneon is one of the most beautiful in the Alps of Dauphine END.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries