Documentaires français. Côte occidentale de Bretagne

Title: Documentaires français. Côte occidentale de Bretagne
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French documentaries. West Coast of Brittany.
Pathe baby educator: West coast of Brittany. The west coast of Brittany has many loops and coves, resulting from the subsidence of earth drowned by the sea. Golfs with large curves open between torn-up peninsulas, ravaged by the waters. To the north, a bottleneck leads to the roadstead of Brest. Our great war port on the atlantic, Brest, has its Arsenal on the estuary of the Penfeld. The swing bridge of Brest spans the estuary of the Penfeld. The estuary of the Penfeld opens on the roadstead in front of the Chateau of Brest. The estuary of the Penfeld is a god example of a ria (riviera): a valley subsided and invaded by the sea. Another example of a ria: the estuary of Pouldavid in the bay of Douarnenez. Pouldavid is a suburb of Douranenez, our great sardine port of the west. The estuary of Goyen, in the back of the bay of Audierne, is even more picturesque with a curving riviera and slopes garnished with pines. In the back of the estaury, the sardine port of Audierne at low tides, the boats ahvngi already gone out. The peninsula of Crozon seperates the roadstead of Brest from the circular bay od Dournenez; it is very chipped. The sea atatcks and destorys the cape of the Goat. The sea creeps into the fissures of the hardest rock, and dig caves like those of Margot. Two caves of opposing slopes can join and form a natural arc, like the Chateau of Dinan. Finally, under the continous action of the sea, the vaults collapse, and the exterior pillar becomes an island; this explains the "heap of peas". The point of Raz extends between the bay of Dournenez and the bay of Audierne; the sea acts the same way upon it, and it is very much torn up…. …with its Grootos carved into the cliff…. …with its islands with sides detached by violent currents. The sea fills is in the dug-out parts of the coast with debris it seperated rom the points. The cove of Korrigans is of the classic type of coasts in Brittany, a sandy beach in an arc between two rocky points. Pushed by strong winds from the west, sand, carreid by the sea, accumalates into dunes; the "league of strike" rolls its sands out of sight, as the name may suggest. All the phenomena we have just seen are often seen together in one small area (to the north of Heap of Peas). END
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries